'My passion is exploring the different lenses through which we can view this life. To find a way to participate in this life that works for you. That creates space for you to expand, to take care and to thrive in this life that we've been given.' 

Sophie Johnson


I have been studying the body for over 12 years. I followed my fascination with the body by studying anatomy and physiology at University.

It wasn't until I started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks that I took a step back from the physical body and started exploring the emotional and mental bodies and the effect that these have on the physical.

I took an 8 week Mindfulness course and my teacher told me to try yoga. I had tried it once before and hadn't enjoyed it. I wasn't 'flexible enough', i was extremely competitive and my mind was all over the place. But... I decided to try it again and I fell totally in love. The practice gave me space in both my mind and body which I hadn't experienced before.

I have since undertaken my 200hr, 300hr, Yin training and a children's yoga teacher training. Along with that, I am a qualified meditation Teacher.

I spend a month or two a year working with the Yoga Teacher Training School Jivani Yoga on their different courses and absolutely thrive on the work. Self-development and transformation.


I am co-founder of a Yoga Retreat Business called 'The Alignment Collective' (See events or www.thealignmentcollective.co.uk) 

With a strong emphasis on breath, my yoga classes allow the students to drop into their own self-awareness and exploration of their bodies.


Previous Study:

First Class Honours in Sports Studies

200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

300hr Jivani Yoga Teacher

Certified Children's Yoga Teacher

Qualified Meditation Teacher

Yoga Nidra Training

50hr Yin Training

Trauma Informed Yoga

50hr Subtle Practices

50hr Yoga Sutras 



Current Study:

300hr Ayurveda Wellness Coach

TRE Training