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Beating the blues with ‘Hygge’

‘Hygge’ pronounced ‘Hoo-gah’ is a Danish word that cannot be directly translated into English.

It’s essentially a way of life, and one that appeals hugely to me! It’s all about comfort and cosiness, about reading a book whilst wrapped in a blanket by the fireside. Think fairy lights, delicious warming food and drinks, quality time spent with friends and family and anything else that brings up a comforting sensation when you think about it. It’s about stepping away from the technology and spending quality time with yourself and others.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects one in 15 people in the UK and hygge could be a great attitude to adopt to help ease the winter blues. I really struggle with winter and the shorter days so this is definitely something that I’m going to be trying to help make the winter months a little more enjoyable!

So, as the weather has taken a sudden shift towards subzero temperatures, now might be the perfect time to introduce some ‘hygge’ into your daily routine.

What do you picture when thinking about hygge? Try and incorporate a little bit every single day so that when we do reach the depths of winter, you’ll be prepared to lock yourself away either on your own or with some friends and family to hunker down and enjoy some cosiness and comfort throughout the colder months.

Sophie x