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10 Tips For First Time Meditators

I used to struggle so much with meditation, I found it uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time, I thought I would find it so boring to just sit and ‘do nothing’ and I used to have a really negative relationship with my breath after suffering from asthma etc since I was young. So meditation used to be a massive ‘no no’ for me.

This all changed for me on my second teacher training course where I actually developed a positive relationship with my breath. I could go on forever about how incredible that course was however that might be for another post…..but my students know how important I think the breath is as I don’t shut up about it in class!

I’ve found that meditation is a really powerful self-empowerment tool and so I’ve put together a few pointers to make it a little easier for ‘first timers’.

  • ENVIRONMENT – Find somewhere really comfy to sit so that you don’t feel fidgety but if you do want change position then DO! Just do what feels good for you!

  • POSTURE – Try and sit upright, spine tall, ground through your sit bones, lengthen up through the waist, draw the belly button in towards the spine so you feel a little lift.

  • GAZE – Close your eyes or keep your gaze down to take away any distractions.

  • HAND POSITION – Have the hands however is comfortable but if you’re feeling tired and need a little more energy try and have the palms facing up, and if you’re feeling energetic and want to relax and calm the energy down a little then have the palms facing down.

  • DURATION – Be realistic! You don’t have to sit for hours on end, set your timer for three minutes to start with, and once you’re feeling a little more comfortable then you can start to make it a little longer!

  • BREATH – Try and breathe through the nose. Notice the air coming in through the nostrils and notice where in the body the breath moves you (i.e. belly, ribs etc). It might also help to count your breath (inhale for the count of 5, exhale for the count of 5)

  • GRATITUDE – I go on about this ALOT but I think it’s so important in order to lead a happier, more fulfilled life! Take a moment and think about what you are grateful for in that moment. If you do nothing else then please please please practice this!

  • AFFIRMATION/MANTRA – An affirmation helps to keep the mind focused on the present moment. It can literally be anything! Something as simple as ‘I am inhaling, I am exhaling’ – I know that sounds a little odd but it’s something to keep you’re mind on what you’re doing and to stop it rushing off and getting lost in your thoughts!

  • JOURNAL– Keep a meditation journal! Record anything that comes up! I also keep a little book close in case some inspiration comes along and I worry I might forget it!

  • NON-JUDGEMENT – This one is so important to me. As with everything in life, you have good days and bad days. There is no point starting to meditate and then getting frustrated with yourself because you’re up in your thoughts. You will gain nothing from that frustration except more anger that you ‘wasted your time’. Meditation is never a waste of time. You are always gaining something from it, space, insight, relaxation etc. Always come at meditation with an open mind and acceptance to anything that might arise!

Be easy with yourself and start to build a relationship with your ‘SELF’

Let me know how you get on!

Sophie x