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Sole: What’s the deal? + DIY

Up until recently, I thought that salt was something that should be avoided as much as possible. That was until I went to the doctors and they told me I had low blood pressure and should go away and eat a packet of crisps…(helpful!)

But whilst I was researching natural remedies for grinding your teeth (I’m growing a little tired of wearing a bite guard every night and still waking up with a crunchy jaw!) the idea of Sole came up so I decided to give it a go!

Ok, yes, processed, white table salt has a bad wrap for a reason. The salts that we should be consuming are natural, unrefined salts, like Himalayan pink rock salt which have very different mineral composition.

Himalayan rock salt is packed with over 84 elements and minerals that help to nourish your body and detoxify the system (thus helping improve digestion and promoting healthy hair, skin and nails).

So, how do you use this wonder salt? You make a salt water sole (pronounced so-lay) which is the form that is most easily absorbed by the human body.

According to holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, Himalayan sole makes a great sports drink: When we sweat and workout we lose minerals (or electrolytes), and sole is a great way to add them back in the body with water. Himalayan Pink Salt is packed with over 84 trace minerals and elements, as opposed to table salt that is 97.5% sodium chloride. Excess sodium increases your risk of hypertension, osteoporosis, and kidney disease, whereas the diversity of elements in Himalayan pink salt is shown to create an electrolyte balance within your body, strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation. It also helps to protect the delicate balance of minerals in your cells, avoid excess water retention, and prevent premature ageing. Every cell needs a balance of potassium and sodium.

  • Sole can harmonise the alkaline/acidity balance in the body and normalise blood pressure.

  • It helps to balance the sugar levels in the blood

  • It can be important for the nerve cells for communication and information processing.

  • Sole is important for circulation

  • It helps maintain the structure of firm, strong bones.

  • It can help with insomnia and sleep regulation.

How To Make Sole:

  1. Fill a glass jar about 1/4 of the way with Himalayan rock salt.

  2. Add filtered water to the top.

  3. Put a plastic or non-metal lid on the jar and shake. Leave it overnight to give the salt time to dissolve.

  4. In the morning, you should be able to see salt rocks still at the bottom of the jar that cannot be absorbed by the water. That is true ‘sole’. (If you don’t see any then add some more salt and leave it another day).

  5. To use, add one tsp of the solution to a glass of filtered water every morning.

This for sure takes some getting used to but hopefully the benefits will outweigh the taste!

**Update: I’ve been taking it for a week now and the taste is totally fine! I think i was putting in a little too much Sole at the start. Aaand, I haven’t felt dizzy in all that time. I think the salty solution is really helping my blood pressure too which is amazing!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you make it.

Sophie x