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Raise Your Vibration

Can you feel it in the air at the moment? Winter seems to be finally (!!!) shifting, the flowers are starting to bloom, we had a full day with just blue skies the other day and can you feel a shift going on within yourself?

Every thought, every word and every physical actions produces a different vibration in the body. Here's 4 ways to instantly raise your vibrations if you're feeling a little sluggish.


We all do it, and social media makes it extremely difficult not to. Seeing the best bits of everyone else's lives whilst we're sat at work or just in our day to day lives can bring about huge envy towards complete strangers on a screen! It's time to say goodbye to envy. When we envy others, it clouds our ability to see our true potential. It's so hard and something that I definitely struggle with, but every time we feel that flush of envy, we have to make a decision to chose self-love instead. Over and over again until it becomes the norm.


There are so many ways to meditate, so many ways to take a break from our constantly striving world and come back to the Self.

Whether you find it easier to sit in silence or guided meditation for 5-10 minutes or to go into nature and 'earth' yourself, to practice pranayama or to journal. Just to be completely present in each moment for such a short amount of time will hit the 'reset' button on your day.


We all have things that we tell ourselves we will give up at some point soon (and we've probably been saying that to ourselves for years) so right now, give up something that doesn't serve you anymore. Those things that we hold onto, keep us away from potential opportunities or abundance.

To create a live full of positive vibrations we must make choices that bring about great results, not just things that feel good in the moment!


I know, I know, again with the gratitude but this is the quickest and more sure fire way to raise your vibration! We don't know how lucky we are until we put it down on paper and see all of our blessings in front of our eyes.

Try and do this daily, either list 10 things in your mind or write it down, that way you can look back at it throughout the day and feel that physical lift that comes with raising your vibrations.


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