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The Buzz Word - Balance

Over the last year the word 'Balance' has become possibly one of the most overused words in the Wellness Industry but I feel as though it's thrown around without people actually taking time to understand what it means for them.

Now there are no right or wrong answers and they will differ from person to person; some people might think of work/life balance, others will think about food and some people will think of everything all at once. I want you to think about what this word means for you and bring some more balance into your life.

For me, balance is the most important thing in life. When I was wondering what to call my yoga business I was stood in the ocean with my roommate and absolute soul friend who asked me what's important for me to share with others and I replied with 'balance'. 'Tula' means balance in Sanskrit and is what I strive for in my daily life but also what I want to share with others through my classes.

Funnily enough, I didn't connect the fact that I'm a Libra with my love for balance until I was skimming through a magazine and the star sign for Libra was Tula.

A dictionary definition of balance is 'an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.' Thinking about it, replace the word 'weight' with a number of different words and you come pretty close to what I believe balance to be. An even distribution of emotions, diet, work/life ratio, enabling someone to remain steady. If you have a stressful time then giving yourself a few minutes to bring a calmness to the body, if you eat extremely healthily then allowing yourself a treat here or there.

Balance, in the body and the mind. Strengthening and softening.

A few tips on how to create/maintain balance:

- Know yourself and how much rest, food and exercise you need to function at your best.

- Keep your mind healthy - To much stress can cause damage - take a few deep breaths and focus on body moving.

- Stay connected with family and people who make you truly happy

- Make time for yourself - Everyday

What does balance mean for you? I'd love to know.