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What Deep Breathing Actually Does To Your Body.

If you've ever come to one of my classes you will have heard me harp on about breathing into the belly, filling the lungs, focusing on the breath and for good reason:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing (or slow abdominal breathing) is something that you can literally do anywhere and at anytime to instantly stimulate your vagus nerve and lower the stress responses in the body (fight or flight). - More info on this coming up in another blog!

  • Belly breathing enriches our cells with oxygen and can enhance our mental functions and relax our anxieties.

  • Breathing detoxifies your body and releases toxins. As you lengthen the exhale, more carbon dioxide can be released which is a natural waste product of the body's metabolism.

  • Deep breathing can release tension - When you are stressed, tense, angry or scared (Fight or flight response activated) your body constricts, your muscles tighten and your breathing becomes shallow. When you feel this in your body then STOP and take those deep breaths seeing for yourself what it does for you.

  • By paying attention to your breathing, you take your awareness away from our thoughts or your mind, and focus it on your body, the movement created by the breath into the belly.

  • Deep breathing massages your internal organs - I always say to breath deeply in a yoga twist to massage your organs but you don't even need to be in a twist, finding movement through the base of the lungs, into the belly will massage all the surrounding organs. Win win.

  • Breathing strengthens the lungs - Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) can also really help to increase the lung capacity and strength.

https://youtu.be/_mZbzDOpylA - Enjoy this video for even more reasons to belly breathe!

Sophie x