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The Power of the Breath

Life begins with the inhalation of our very first breath. From then, our body is constantly breathing (often as an unconscious process) up until we take our last breath.

Breathing is essential to life, and because it comes so naturally to each one of us, many of us tend not to think about the breaths we take – but we should.

My life transformed when I found my breath. When I found my way to breathe. A proper way to fully nourish my body. Finding this allows us to see things clearer, to feel lighter, calmer and hopefully happier.

Proper breathing can help to boost immunity, to strengthen the lungs and the heart, to improve the functioning of the nervous system and to aid digestion. It helped me manage my anxiety and panic attacks.

When we become stressed, anxious, or are in a hurry, our breaths tend to be shallow and quick. Because breathing supplies the body with oxygen, it is so important that we breathe deeply to allow ourselves to get enough of it.

Do it now...take a full, deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, nice and slowly....how does it feel?

Do it again breathe in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 6.

Send your breath deeper into the body.

Catch yourself throughout the day and see where your breath is in the body. If it's up the chest (normal for a lot of society) then stop what you're doing and send your breath deeper. Into the ribs, into the belly. Become mindful of your breathing – especially during times of physical or emotional pain. If you catch yourself breathing quickly, slow it down. Once you begin paying attention to each breath, proper breathing will become second nature, and more and more you’ll find yourself living in the now.

Keep in mind that every breath is a gift. x