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Drinking Cacao - 2 Ways

I posted a video on instagram of my hot cacao and lots of people said yes to a recipe so here it is! I'll also share another amazing smoothie using this and a few other superfoods!

Hot Cacao:


+ Milk - dairy or non-dairy, I used rice or oat milk.

+ Water

+ Cacao Powder (1-2 teaspoons depending if you want it really chocolatey, i would suggest start with one and taste until you're happy)

+ Coconut Sugar (Again, as with the cacao, start with 1 tspn and then add to taste.)

+ 1 tspn of coconut butter

+ I added ashwaganda and rhodiola powder but you really don't need to, i'm just seeing how I get on with them!


+ Fill a small mug up with half milk and half water

+ Pour the liquid into a saucepan and heat gently

+ Add powders and coconut butter and stir together

+ Add the coconut sugar

+ Have a quick taste and make sure you're happy with the quantities.

+ Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

You don't want to drink too much of this as it's super powerful and might leave you feeling a bit over-stimulated!

Cacao and banana smoothie:

Again, another super simple recipe, just bung all the ingredients into a blender, mix and enjoy!

+ 1 Banana

+ 1/2 glass of Milk (dairy or non-dairy)

+ 1/2 glass of water

+ 1 tspn cacao powder

+ 1 tspn nut butter

I added these extra powders but you don't need to do this to make this smoothie!

+ 1/2 tspn ashwaganda powder

+ 1/4 tspn rhodiola powder

+ 1/2 tspn baobab powder

Blend them up and feel the goodness!

Let me know if you try either of these.

Sophie x