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A Perfect Way to Bring Meditation into your Morning

When we deliberately choose to pay attention to an activity, we're able to slow things down and let ourselves become aware of the process and maybe how little control we actually have over it.

For me, I chose to use this method with the art of tea drinking. I find it can instantly take me into a meditative state. The smell, the taste, the process of making the tea. Exploring the senses and taking my time is a small luxury in my day to day life.

I am becoming more and more curious about the benefits of different herbs and tinctures, and I'm excited to share what I learn on here.

I recently took a visit to my favourite tea shop in Norwich, Wilkinson's, and bought a few different teas, Rose Bud being one of them. I decided to mix it with Green Tea and Jasmine and I was so pleased with how it turned out. The buds themselves are so beautiful and taste amazing.

Please note that i'm not a herbalist or a nutritionist, just someone who has done a little bit of research. There seems to be so many benefits to incorporating Rose Bud tea into your routine:

+ Rich source of Vitamin C - Antioxidant properties

+ The Vitamin C benefits your hair and skin and can reduce acne.

+ Promotes collagen production

+ Immune boosting

+ Improves digestion

+ Calming properties to help aid anxiety and stress.

Did I mention that it's just so beautiful and the whole experience is so calming and nourishing.

How to destress with your own Tea Meditation:

+ Try and do everything as mindfully as you can, from choosing your mug and boiling kettle to sitting and sipping.

+ Find a quiet place to sit and drink it. Once you've found your space, simply sit with your tea, feeling the warmth, notice the aroma, fully present.

+ Then, all your have to do is drink your tea fully with mindfulness. Take it slow, savour each sip.

The benefits of this practice are extensive for how simply it is:

+ Reduce stress and find greater peace of mind.

+ Start your day off right with this beautiful mindful practice.

+ All the benefits of meditation/mindfulness

+ The health benefits of the tea you're drinking

I'm so excited to explore the uses of this further.

Do you drink Rose Tea? Do you use the buds for anything else? I'd love to hear your uses

Sophie x