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Natural Deodorant - The 'Whys' and 'Whats'

For the past couple of months I've been trying out natural deodorants to try and make the switch from antiperspirants to a more natural product. And if I'm being totally honest it's gone so much better than I would've thought.

I tried this a few years ago when the salt/crystal deodorants were all the rage and just spent a few days of being smelly before I returned to the chemical antiperspirants and went about my days sweating less but slightly worried every morning when I put it on.

The thing is, we're meant to sweat, and it's not actually the sweat that smells, it's the combination of sweat and the bacteria that lives on our skin. MOST of the antiperspirants that stop us sweating contain the active ingredient Aluminium. This occurs when the aluminium ions are drawn into the cells lining our sweat ducts causing them to swell, squeezing the ducts closed so sweat cannot get out. Aluminium has also been linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders as it's a neurotoxin.

Our underarms are an extremely sensitive and absorbent area of the body and it just doesn't seem right that we're putting such potent chemicals onto that area for them to be easily absorbed into our bodies!

So! I bought a few natural deodorants and risked a couple of days of smelling slightly off...however, as I mentioned above I've been pleasantly surprised! It has been said that your body takes a few days/weeks to adjust to a new natural form of deodorising but it all went pretty smoothly!

Below are the 5 natural deodorants I tried and the reviews of each:

DESERT ESSENCE: Spring Fresh Scent

The first time I put this on I was amazed by the creaminess of the product. It's so easy (roll up) and feels a real luxury to put on every morning. The scent is very subtle, there are others that I would also like to try in the future.

The first time I tried this was when I went for a run, I sweated, but probably not much more than I usually would've. And I did not smell afterwards. I waited a couple of hours to shower, just so I could really try the product out and I can say hands down it really works for me.

EARTH CONSCIOUS: Mint Strong Protection

I really wanted to love this product as not only is it natural but it's also plastic free!

You have to apply this with your fingers which is a bit of a faff but at the same time I don't think we connect enough with our own bodies so it does add a chance for that connection. The smell is minty, and it sometimes feels almost powdery on application which I'm thinking is due to the bicarb?

This one took a day or two for my body to get used to but once it was then it did it's job! No smelling! But when I was exercising and sweating a bit, I noticed afterwards that the deodorant had left white marks on my arms. Not so great but I would really love to try other products as there was no lingering smell left with this one.

DR ORGANIC: Tea Tree Deodorant

This one took a bit of getting used to. It smells strongly of tea tree oil (which you'd expect) and it's very watery so takes a while to dry. You'd want to make sure you have a bit of extra time in the morning to walk about before popping your clothes on.

Again, this does the job. It feels really clean and fresh on the underarms and because it's tea tree it acts as an antibacterial so it's a pretty great deodorant.

NEALS YARD REMEDIES: Peppermint & Lime

The smell of this product is so gorgeous and I couldn't wait to try it.

First impressions were not good. It took a long time to dry, like the Dr Organic, and it did not provide the protection I needed. There were 3 days where I had to swap and apply another of the deodorants.

I kept trying though as someone had mentioned that it can take a while for the body to adjust and now it works perfectly. A beautiful scent which sticks around and no nasty smells now!

TROPIC: Feel Fresh

I found this brand after I had written this post for the other products and it has changed the natural deodorant game! It has a slight smell of grapefruit, a creamy consistency and once I put it on I didn't have to worry about odour for the rest of the day. As it's not an antiperspirant I still sweated but it kept me fresh and I felt/feel so confident wearing it.


Hands down the winner of this little trial was the Tropic deodorant. I feel confident wearing it and for me that's the most important thing. I have learnt a lot about this brand and it's one that I'm really happy to support.

I'm in Thailand at the moment working in 30 degree heat and this is still working a treat! The other deodorant I have with me is the Desert Essence which is really nourishing to my underarms. And again even in this heat it's working well.

My advice, try a few, do some more research and see what works for YOUR body.