An Intro into TRE

TRE = Tension/Trauma Release Exercises

This practice has been a revelation for me. It works as a reset, as a breather, and a pressure release that I often forget that I need.

I was introduced to this practice in 2016, when I was deeply in need of it. One of my closest friends was training to be a facilitator and I was suffering from PTSD, she helped to support me through my journey with this practice. I'm grateful that this experience happened because otherwise I probably wouldn't have tried TRE and wouldn't have felt the benefit for myself. As it was so unknown to me I would have been too intimidated to try something new.

Life has its up and downs and it's not always easy - TRE has provided a way for me to cope with through the tough times and during this pandemic it's been amazing to have the knowledge of my nervous system and be able to support myself.

This is really what it's about - Empowerment through awareness. Empowerment through understanding how to support yourself. And TRE is an incredible tool for that - an incredible support for your body, mind and nervous system.

Stress is a part of life that we can't avoid but it affects our mental, physical and emotional health - each cell in our body responds to stress/anxiety/trauma and so all of our organs are affected. This means that our digestion is affected, our immune system, our adrenals, our heart and lungs.

When we learn to reconnect to our natural responses, then the reset button can be switched on and the body recalibrates. When we reconnect, we're able to release and let the body respond naturally.

The Practice:

TRE was created by Dr David Berceli who worked with communities in the Middle East and Africa that had experienced trauma by the war. He discovered that by bringing in this natural response from the body, there was a reduced need for psychotherapy or drugs to contol PTSD. Dr Berceli works extensively with US war veterans to support them during their time and after their time in the military.

The practice is safe, and works with 7 simple exercises to invoke the body's natural tremor response.

It focuses on relieving stress, tension and trauma by activating a natural response in the body.

Shaking is normal and so beneficial for our state. We see animals shaking after a chase or a stressful situation, we have this same mechanism but we've just forgotten how to access it.

When we shake, often we offered a cup of tea, told to sit down, encouraged to stop the tremoring when in actual fact it's the body trying to release the influx of chemicals that we flooded into the body. If we supress the tremors, those chemicals/hormones stay in the body and can lead to holding patterns.

Under stress our bodies are stuck in the fight/flight/freeze response which affects every system in our bodies - we're geared up to quickly respond to a threat. TRE works to reset the system.

As well as helping to release deeply held trauma in the body, TRE can relieve every day stress and support well-being.

I offer 1:1 sessions online and in person and also group shakes online.

Please get in touch if you're interested.

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