The Importance of Sadhana (Daily Practice)

Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for daily practice.

This daily practice helps us come back to ourselves again and again every day.

So often in life we're wrapped up in the things we need to get done, in the the things that we believe to be important, in the relationships and experiences that we believe make us 'us' that we forget who we actually are.

Our Sadhana helps us to remember, it's a homecoming, an unveiling.

What we believe to be reality is only what we see through our coloured lens of life.

Our present is affected by our past experiences. What we perceive, what we think, what we feel, can all be coloured by what happened to us earlier in our lives.

Our daily practice allows us to step outside of our routine and to observe, to question, to become still.

It takes dedication to show up everyday.

A daily Sadhana practice takes commitment and discipline. I realised that I needed to start my daily practice when I began procrastinating more and more and becoming unproductive during lockdown. For some people, to be offered time to be unproductive and not need to do anything, would be glorious and really beneficial for them. I know for myself, I need routine and structure for my mental health. It does take discipline though, even on the days when you don't want to do it, when there's a voice loud in your mind telling you to skip a day, that you don't have time or that other things are more important. It's at that point that you need to listen to the quieter voice that might be saying 'I need to do this, I told myself I would, It is to help me'.

What we repeatedly do and think becomes who we are. That can move in both directions - if we apply ourselves with positive thinking, passionate practice, then we will move in that direction. If we allow our negative thinking to take over, then we will start to believe those thoughts as truth. If we want to change how things are, we need to approach our Sadhana with the same dedication and consistency with which we approach other important tasks in our lives. (Work, relationships, creative projects - if we want to see results, we put in the work)

Sadhana is our own unique approach to working towards our physical, energetic and mental health. It can be anything, an asana practice, pranayama, meditation, journaling. Anything that invites Swadhyaya (Self-study) so that we can move beyond the barriers that we've created for ourselves.

I have created a 40 Day Sadhana Practice in which you are guided through 5 different techniques to shift you out of your habitual ways of being and seeing life through your own clouded lens. We are so absorbed in our own narrative that we don't see that other stories or realities exist. This 40 day practice hopes to be the beginning of the journey to shift that.

I would love for you to join.

Much love,


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