Empowerment Through Awareness
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Welcome to this online space


'My passion is exploring the different lenses through which we can view this life. To find a way to participate in this life that works for you as an individual. That creates space for you to expand, to take care and to thrive in this life that we've been given.' 
The main aim of this space and this work is re-connection. 
Together, through different frameworks/views, we will work towards settling the nervous system, creating coping mechanisms for anxiety, resolving trauma in the body and creating a routine and a life that works for you. 


Tailor your unique experience

Classes, Retreats and Events

This is not about how flexible you are or what shape you can get your body into. These classes are about reconnecting with your Self, with your breath, and bringing awareness to your tendencies on the mat, to bring great awareness off the mat.

Online and in person

TRE stands for Trauma or Tension Release Exercises. This is a simple and safe process of releasing hold, tension and trauma from the body. It works with the bodies natural mechanism that we as a society have learnt to suppress. 

Group Programs, guides and 1-1's

Ayurveda (ai-yur-vay-duh) is a Sanskrit word which means 'the Knowledge of Life'. 

 It involves balancing and rejuvenating the human being, empowering them to create a life that suits them as an individual.



Sophie Johnson




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