F  i  n  d    Y  o  u  r     B  a  l  a  n  c  e

Originally 'Tula Yoga', this is set to be a new space, still focused as always on finding balance within your life, but not just through the practice of Yoga. 

Tula Yoga was created nearly 6 years ago on a small island in Thailand and it has been a wild journey since then. Starting in a small space every Monday evening, we've grown the community to include weekly group and private classes, retreats, teacher training's and day events.


The ups and downs of life have shown me what is truly important and so it's time to move on from 'Tula Yoga'. 

I'm excited to share what's coming up next - Everything to do with my yoga classes will remain the same, and I have some new offerings which will be an honour to share coming up over the summer of 2020.