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Classes, Events and Retreats

Weekly Classes online on Zoom


Monday: 6-7:15pm  

Tuesday: 6-7:15pm  

Friday Morning: 7:15-8am


Yin Classes are also held throughout the month 

To join these classes or to ask any questions please email me:

It's my hope that these classes create a pause in your day.


I offer an invitation towards remembering - to coming home, back into the body and remembering how good it can feel to be in your body.


My yoga classes offer a chance to switch off for a period of time - to create space in your body, to have space and silence for your mind. The sessions are not packed full of movement and words, as I feel there's enough of that in our every day life. This is an opportunity to return home to yourself.  A chance to create a relationship with your body on a deeper level.

Private Session Packages:

1:1, 1:2, or small groups

Online or in Person

60min Yoga Private: £40 

Movement, breath, awareness and deep relaxation.

60min Wellbeing Session: £40

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Self-exploration

90min Wellbeing Package: £60

Yoga, Breathwork, and TRE. 

Nervous System Nourishment.


Sophie's classes are the first time I've ever felt truly confident in a larger body at a Yoga class. Sophie is so welcoming and always creates a non-judgemental, calm space for all of us to dedicate some time to ourselves as a group. The balance between physical challenge and looking after our emotional wellbeing is perfect. My confidence and practise have grown so much since I joined her regular classes.

I live with chronic pain and always feel completely safe and able to listen to my body and adjust the practise to suit my needs during Sophie's sessions. 

And I can't recommend Sophie's Yin and Yoga Nidra sessions enough, I always feel completely relaxed and replenished after one of these classes.

- Lorna

'Sophie has the ability to create a really safe environment for people in her yoga sessions. There’s no judgment, she doesn't push people into particular poses, she makes people feel like she has their best interests at heart- not forcing people to do what she want them to do, but doing what will grow and help them in the best way.' 

Sophie’s classes are more than a yoga class, you leave feeling like you have had a complete holistic experience.

The classes are very friendly and non competitive and you are encouraged to listen to what your body and mind needs with the option to work more dynamically if desired or as soft and restful as you like.

I always leave the beautiful yoga space feeling more balanced, peaceful yet strong and challenged.

- Michelle

Sophie's classes are a joy to join and give me a real boost every time. She has such a warm and clear teaching style, and her passion for yoga is contagious. I cannot recommend her classes enough for either a beginner or someone who has a regular yoga practice. 

The classes really are a highlight of my lockdown week :) - Clare

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