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Trauma/Tension Release Exercises

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) are a safe tool to assist the body in discharging chronic stress, and deeply ingrained holding patterns. 

The practice works to invoke the body's natural tremor response mechanism that we as a society have learnt to switch off. This provides us with a safe way to process and release deep tension from the body. 

Our Biography is our Biology - Everything that happens to us leaves an imprint on the body and this practice is a way of nurturing and deepening our relationship to the body to release patterns of tension we may not even be aware that we are holding. 

TRE can help us to: 

  • Override historical holding patterns within the body.

  • Support in PTSD/CPTSD

  • Connect us to parts of the body we may not be aware we have disconnected with.

  • Return us back to a relaxed state from flight/flight/freeze. 

  • Take care of yourself. It's you healing you. 

  • Come home to the body 

You are not required to talk during this practice - it works solely on the body to release. 

It is a remembering. A resetting. A returning back to our natural state.  

How we can work together:

1-1 Sessions Online or In Person - £55
Small Groups In Person - Price dependant 
Group Sessions Online - £10

(Please note that whilst working online it is required to have one 1:1 session before joining a group session)
I offer a free 15 minute call to discuss whether TRE would be suitable for you and for me to answer any questions that you might have. 

'I was intrigued by TRE and was keen to explore how the process could help with my anxiety and stress. After having a course of sessions I now feel confident to use this practice and shake on my own whenever and wherever I feel it would help me - sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep - it works!  I have found TRE so healing and always feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful after a session. Sophie is such a support and is always there at any time to help and give any further advice.'

More Information:
TRE is relatively new in the UK and is a revolutionary new method of practice for stress and trauma recovery. It involves a series of 7 simple physical exercises designed to initiate the body's natural tremor response that we as a society have learnt to override. 

These exercises which were created by David Bercelli are designed to be helpful for everyone. The process is simple, safe, and completed focused on the body rather than the mind. It's designed to evoke the body's shaking mechanism, which is present in all mammals, thereby releasing the deep, chronic muscle contractions created by shock, trauma or stress. When used regularly, it can also prevent life's smaller stresses turning into chronic tension in the body. 

These exercises are simple and non-invasive, and the practice is purely physical. They have a cumulative effect of relaxing the body at a deeper level. The practice works to release deep, chronic tension in the muscle tissue. 
This is a self-empowering experience, you will learn that you can gradually replace that chronic tension or the hold that you keep on the body without having to dive into any narratives or deal with unpleasant emotions. 

The Basics

When we feel threatened or experience a traumatic event, we enter our primitive defence strategies that prepare us to either fight, run away (flight) or freeze. Once the threat has passed, mammals then start to involuntarily tremor/shake in order to disperse the energy that would have been needed to react to the situation. Us humans however, with our logic and worry about appearance, have learnt to suppress this natural release which then leads to the chronic tension and holding patterns. Because of this, we tend to get stuck in these states of fight/flight/freeze and this dictates how we react to situations around us, even when we are safe. 

TRE reconnects us to this natural response and allows there to be a deeper relationship and trust within the body. 

Why TRE? 

Easily Learned - These exercises can be easily learned and in many cases are immediately effective. 
Natural Deterrent - Under certain circumstances these exercises can be used as a natural deterrent from and reduction of PTS symptoms thereby reducing the effects of subsequent trauma. 
Self-applied and self-diagnostics - They can be used to self-diagnose the degree and severity of tension from traumatic episodes. 
Integrated into daily routine - After some time, we can work together so that the exercises can be integrated into daily routine as a simple body based prevention and recovery process.
Restores healing faster - They help to restore a feeling of safety to the body more quickly facilitating a faster and more integrated healing process. 
Additional support - This method can be used (in certain situations) as an alternative and/or supplement to psychological intervention. 


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