Ayurveda asks ‘How can I be healthy if I’m not?’ ‘How can I maintain that health as long as possible?’

The body and mind are never balanced, they’re constantly shifting and changing.
Perfect health simply doesn’t exist. You are a beautifully chaotic mess.

Ayurveda (ai-yur-vay-duh) is a Sanskrit word which means 'the Knowledge of Life'. It is considered to be the oldest natural healing system in existence and it is one that is intricately woven into the fabric of nature.


Ayurveda emphasises prevention over cure. It involves balancing and rejuvenating the human being, empowering them to create a life that suits them as an individual.

It's more than a way of life, it's a way of learning how to cooperate with nature and live in harmony.

It works slowly, which is part of its remedy in this society used to instant gratification.

Ayurveda is designed for those who are ready to take responsibility for themselves. I can guide and suggest but ultimately, it's down to you to do the work.

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