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The Practice Space


My yoga classes offer a chance to switch off for a period of time - to create space in your body, to have space and silence for your mind. The sessions are not packed full of movement and words, as I feel there's enough of that in our every day life. This is an opportunity to return home to yourself. A chance to create a relationship with your body on a deeper level. The online space offers over 60 classes ranging from 45 minute flows to 90 minute Yin and Yoga Nidra sessions. There are also philosophy lectures and online retreats. I will be adding to these on a monthly basis. There are 2 pricing options available - £26p/m £36p/m As with my online live classes, pay whichever option you can, no questions asked. Once you join, you will have access to the payment options and then the online space. ​



2 Plans Available, From £26.00/month

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